Praise for Preemie

“Just when you think you know nearly everything there is to know about what it feels like to be a human being, along comes a story that brings you to your knees and cracks your heart open just a bit more. Preemie is just that type of story. Kasey Mathews tells deep, painful truths about what happens when a ’perfect’ life is jolted by reality. So much more than an account of a birth plan gone awry, this lovely memoir is about letting go of assumptions, moving into the place that scares us most, and discovering that what we get in return for our surrender is nothing less than grace.”
Katrina Kenison, author of The Gift of an Ordinary Day and Mitten Strings for God

“A book you won’t put down until you have read the very last word. Preemie is a beautifully written, moving account of a family’s journey with their extremely early born daughter Andie.  As a professional working to improve the lives of infants and families in the NICU where they must spend their first weeks (and often months), Kasey Mathews has made me painfully aware of how far we must still go to do better by the parents and their infants in our care.  This book will make an important difference in spurring us on to realize the enormity of the experience of having a pre-term born infant.”
—Dr. Heidelise Als, Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School and Director of Neurobehavioral Infant and Child Studies at Children’s Hospital Boston

“Kasey Mathews writes with unflinching honesty about the shock and shame of mothering a child born four months prematurely. Kasey brings readers in close as she careens between hospitals, a household, and a marriage, gradually discovering her willingness to try almost anything to help her baby survive. With humor, heart, and humanity, we witness a woman and her family who grow in dimension, capacity, and wisdom along with Andie’s lungs, limbs, and life force. Preemie is a testament to what can happen when the rational mind cedes the notion of control and becomes open to alternatives…no matter how embarrassing they may once have seemed. Kasey Mathews’ voice as a writer is as deep with feeling and complexity as is her family’s story—both embracing the imperfect beauty, not of what happens to us, but what we choose to make of it. Through a series of small surrenders and forthright actions Kasey Mathews becomes the warrior you would want on your side.”
—Virginia Prescott, host of Word of Mouth public radio show and podcast

Preemie is an invaluable resource for families coping with the trauma of having a premature baby. Kasey Mathews elegantly and authentically describes her own preemie journey, becoming a best friend and mentor who has lived your experience and provides wisdom and tools that can help soothe and comfort you.”
—Libby Barnett, M.S.W., Reiki Master Teacher, author of Reiki Energy Medicine

Preemie is a gripping tale of one mother’s indefatigable love in the face of crisis, one baby’s tenacious struggle to stay alive, and the dazzling light of self- exploration at the end of the tunnel.  This tiny child will change the world.”
—Suzanne Kingsbury, author of The Summer Fletcher Greel Loved Me and The Gospel According to Gracey

“Kasey Mathews speaks her true story with a voice as authentic as a newborn’s cry. Preemie inspires us all to cherish and to share our own most harrowing adventures with humble courage.”
—Nancy Mellon, author of Body Eloquence: The Power of Myth and Story to Awaken the Body’s Energies

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