Love, Gratitude and Jumping in with Both Feet (plus a giveaway!)

Remember that girl who was afraid to travel to Colorado for a ski vacation?

Well, that same girl, just got back from a week in Charleston, South Carolina!

It was actually Tucker who took me there.  Well, his 8th grade class trip, to be more precise.

His class, who’s been together with the same teacher since 1st grade (Waldorf School), has been fundraising for ages in anticipation of the trip.  A handful of parents, including me, went along as chaperones.  I really didn’t want to go, ‘cause as you already know, I don’t like to travel.  But neither does Tuck, so when I reluctantly offered to go along as a chaperone, his whole attitude toward the trip changed.

There were so many highlights throughout the week – touring historic downtown Charleston, swimming and playing at the beach, canoeing through the coastal salt marshes – but for me, one moment stands out above all the rest.  That moment came when another mom on the trip commented on my relationship with Tucker.  “I never knew you two were so devoted to each other,” she said.  She pointed out the moments throughout the week when Tuck would part from his friends to come over my way and give my hand a squeeze or drape his arm over my shoulder.  “It’s truly lovely,” she said, “to see a boy so in love with his mom.”   I’d fly back to South Carolina once a week just to hear that again.  It really came as such a surprise, first of all, because I’ve never looked at my relationship with Tuck through the eyes of another, but more importantly, as he’s moved into serious adolescence, there’ve been times when I was certain he didn’t even like me, let alone love me.  I’m not sure if it was that comment, or living in the midst of 31 other people for a week, sleeping on the top of a bunk bed, waiting in line for the bathroom, cramming into big white passenger vans to get here, there, and everywhere, but something cracked open in me during that week and I’ve arrived home brimming with joy and gratitude, knowing that when I take chances, when I choose to jump in with both feet, rather that letting fear talk me into staying at home, amazing things can happen.








On that note, we just found out that Lee has to travel to London for business the day after Tucker graduates, and in spite of the need for expedited passports, expensive plane fares and my clenched-up belly, we’re jumping in with both feet and the kids and I going along with him.  (We’ll have traveled more in the past 5 months than we have in the past 10 years!)  I can do this, right?

The final thing I wanted to mention is that last week, May 29th, was the one-year anniversary of the release of my book, Preemie.  I wanted to do something special in honor of this anniversary, so I’ve decided to offer one of my favorite chapters, Chapter 6 – Trains, as a free download.  I hope you enjoy it and please pass it along to others.

Please accept my deepest gratitude and appreciation for all the love and support you’ve shown Preemie and me throughout the past year.  I am honored and so delighted to know that our story is out there in the world helping others to heal.

Click on the photo below for your free download of Chapter 6 from Preemie!

WIth love and blessings,


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EMDR Therapy

Do you or anyone you know find yourself overwhelmed by fear?  If so, I wrote an article on EMDR therapy that you may find really helpful.

It’s posted today over on the Preemie Babies 101 Website. Please know that EMDR is not just for parents of premature babies.  EMDR is wonderful resource for anyone working toward overcoming trauma.

Here’s a bit of the article.  If you want to read more, please click the link below to read the rest.

“I entered our local grocery store, only to have my eye catch the front page of a Boston newspaper.  A photo of a large hypodermic needle and the big, bold letters across the front page read “Swine Flu…” but before I could read the rest, my knees buckled and I had to hold on to a nearby display rack to keep from falling over.

“I can’t live this way anymore,” I hissed at myself.  Then I stood up straighter, pulled my shoulders back and said it again.  ”I can’t live this way anymore.”

I turned around and left the store, dialing the phone number of my friend.  When I asked if she could help me find a good therapist (she works as a grief counselor) she suggested I look into EMDR therapy.

And I did…”

A Need For Change: EMDR Therapy

If you want more information or have further questions about my experience with EMDR, I’m happy to answer as best I can. Either leave a comment over on the preemiebabies101 blog post, here on this post, or you can email me at premature

With blessings,



Birth and Blogging

I must admit… I was soooo anxious about starting a blog. I mean anxious enough, that it lingered in the back of my mind for many months as my website developed, stopped developing and started again.

I wondered…what would I write about and why would anyone want to read it?  For months, I created lists of possible blog topics. On the back of scrap paper, napkins and some times my hand.  But, scrap paper gets lost, napkins get tossed, hands get washed, and I was left to again wonder and worry about what I’d write.

Then my website was just about done.  I received a book contract from the publisher.  I learned to tweet. I registered on facebook.  “Just put up a couple of blog entries before you unveil your website,” the designer suggested.  “Yeah, sure,” I said, my poker face hiding my great unease.

When I spoke of my fear to a friend, she told me I was silly.  “You wrote a book,” she said.  “A book that’s going to get published.”  Of course she was right, but book writing involved a period of years, followed by months, ok years, of editing.  A blog entry is supposed to be quick and witty, not too long, not too short.  It’s a perfectionist’s nightmare!

So, finally, the other day, I bit the bullet.  I wrote my first blog entry. It’s the one about taking down the tree.  (The Andie turning 10 entry had been blank for quite some time).  So I wrote and I clicked save, thinking I go back, maybe 2 or 3 or 30 more times to review and revise. But, lo and behold, to my great surprise, there it was posted on my website.  Just like that.  I had blogged (is that really a verb?).

So for months I had worried about something that was over in a matter of seconds.

It reminded me of my epidural fear.  Throughout my entire pregnancy with Tuck (never got that far during Andie’s) I worried about a needle going in my back.  Back in 1998, not getting drugs wasn’t even a thought in my mind.  So I carried a growing Tuck in my front, and a growing fear of the drug that would keep me calm, pain free and less afraid, in my back.

When I was in labor, I begged the young anesthesiologist to please, please, please tell me when he was going to stick the needle in my back.  When he laughed and said that he’d already done it, I sunk back on the bed, relieved, and maybe even a bit disappointed, that I wasted all that energy worrying about something that turned out to be no big deal.

As I continue to learn, it’s like so many things in life…you just don’t know ‘til you get there.